Lead Elder Richard M. Salas  
Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Rich and his wife Leslie have been part of Three Rivers Community Church since 2000.  Rich accepted the Lord as a Senior in High School in 1971.   He attended Eastern New Mexico University on a track scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American History and Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1978.  In 1980, he started a career in Financial Services as a Registered Investment Advisor  in which he is currently active today.
Rich has been affiliated with EFCA since 1980 and has served as a delegate for the Southwest Boarder District EFCA.  He has also served as an elder in three congregations.

Rich has a passion for studying the Bible and leads the adult Sunday School where he brings his knowledge and wisdom from personal study and his year of study at The Cornerstone Bible Training Institute.   You will also find him comfortably bringing us a message at the pulpit or during weekly fellowship.  Or mopping the floors.  Or…

Pastor Jordan Moulton